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Green Aventurine

Green aventurine has a gentle energy, which makes it an ideal mineral to start working on yourself.

The energy it releases harmonizes the different chakras and brings its user a healthy vision of life.

This stone helps to clarify thoughts, to promote decision-making and the management of anxiety-provoking situations.

By using a green aventurine on a daily basis, you find your freedom of refuge, your freedom to think and act by restoring your well-being and your self-confidence.

This stone develops creativity by promoting access to new ideas and concepts. Its anti-stress action leads to inner peace and serenity.

It is therefore ideal for those looking to calm their nervousness. Indeed it makes patient and calms anger, strengthening self-control.

Aventurine solves emotional problems.

In direct action with the heart chakra, it brings compassion and encourages the development of self-love and that of others.

It strengthens our patience and promotes our tolerance towards ourselves to develop self-esteem.

Aventurine is suitable for children. It helps them to flourish, by promoting their openness to others and to the world.

Aventurine is finally considered a stone of luck and optimism.

It promotes the proper functioning of the gallbladder and helps the liver in its function of purifying the body.

Associate it:

When associated with rose quartz, it allows the opening of the heart and consciousness.

Associated with a smoky quartz, it helps to start on new bases with optimism.

The aventurine / citrine couple proves to be a powerful association to attract luck and abundance.

Combined with amethyst and hematite it will promote restful sleep, help to remember dreams, drive away nightmares, provide calm sleep and reduce snoring.


Aventurine is the perfect stone for treating issues related to skin disorders. On the skin, it helps eliminate impurities and beautify it.

Apply your green aventurine to the area of ​​your body to be treated.

You can fix it with a plaster, just affix it during a meditation, a nap or quiet time or block it in a garment.

Let it act for 15 minutes.

It helps in the healing process thanks to its high silicon content, excellent for the skin.

In a soap it is all the more effective on skin disorders.

It is also a stone linked to the heart chakra.

You can affix your aventurine on the area of ​​your heart during a meditation, a nap or time of rest in order to be fully filled with a feeling of serenity and calm. Spread of sweetness and love.

Placed on the chest, it soothes people suffering from irregular heartbeat.

Aventurine brings inner tranquility thanks to its anti-stress effect. It thus helps to combat difficulties in falling asleep and their effects on the body.

Anti-stress stone, it brings calm and tranquility. It promotes good sleep and fights the difficulties of falling asleep.

For a "Good night" effect, place your aventurine under your pillow, or in combination with other minerals place the aventurine on your bedside table to take advantage of its radiance.

Purification and recharging of my green aventurine:


. Pass your green aventurine under a trickle of clear water and visualize all its impurities disappearing. Take time to feel its energy change. Hold it in your hands, and you'll know when enough is enough.

. Pass your green aventurine through the smoke of a purification incense stick (palo-santo or sage). In the same way, visualize its impurities disappearing with this smoke which dissolves. Take time to feel its energy change. Hold it in your hands, and you'll know when enough is enough.

. The green aventurine is a stone in connection with the earth, you can also "plant" it in a flower pot, a plant or a garden for several hours, so that it discharges its negative energies to the earth and that it purifies itself. This action has a double effect, the earth allows him to evacuate his negative energies, but also to recharge it with positive energy.


. Stone that likes the sun, you can expose it to the sun directly for several hours.

. You can also make him take moon baths by exposing him under the full moon once a month.

. You can place it in an amethyst geode if you have one.

. You can leave it in a scallop shell for several hours.



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