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Mineral with a captivating violet, synonymous with serenity and wisdom.

Amethyst is considered an anti-stress stone. Indeed it is reputed to soothe anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief. Amethyst purifies places and objects by its mere presence. It purifies the physical body, but also the aura. It helps to accept changes and accompanies in life transitions. It is also used to cleanse, purify and recharge other stones and minerals.

This stone is also known to help fight addictions, relieve headaches and promote creativity and imagination.

Amethyst contributes to peace and relaxation, it helps the wearer to relax and relieve stress.


It provides calm and deep relaxation if it is in a bedroom. If it is in your living room, this stone can increase the energy rate of the room in question.

You will take full advantage of the calm and soothing properties it provides, all day long when you wear it on you or in your bag.

Place it next to the other minerals you have so that they can recharge on contact.

You can use it during a mediation or a time of rest, by holding it in your hands or by affixing it to the top of your skull (coronal chakra) in order to intensely feel the relaxation and the access to your perceptions.


Associated with a rose quartz and a rock crystal, the energy that will diffuse will be powerful and beneficial.

Associated with a green Aventurine and a hematite it will bring a deep and restorative sleep while diffusing calm and feeling of security during the night.

Purification and recharging of my amethyst:



Pass your amethyst under a stream of clear water and visualize all its impurities disappear. Take time to feel its energy change. Hold it in your hands, and you'll know when enough is enough.

. Pass your amethyst through the smoke of a purification incense stick (palo-santo or sage). In the same way, visualize its impurities disappearing with this smoke which dissolves. Take time to feel its energy change. Hold it in your hands, and you'll know when enough is enough.

. You can also "plant" it in a flower pot, a plant or a garden for several hours, so that it discharges its negative energies to the earth and purifies itself. This action has a double effect, the earth allows him to evacuate his negative energies, but also to recharge it with positive energy.


. Amethyst is a stone that is recharged by the rays of the moon.

If you put it in the sun it will lose its bright color because the silicon that makes it purple will evaporate.

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