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Association of three stones of protection,

tiger's eye (brown), breccia jasper (red) and black tourmaline.

Discover the lithotherapy initiation kit to protect yourself.

Deploy a powerful energy shield around you and preserve your well-being on all levels. You will be able to mobilize the energies of your protection crystals in different ways. For example, keep them on you, in your pocket or your bag, to evolve safely in any context.


tiger's eye is a stone of protection. It wards off negative energies and protects against all evil claims, against black magic or spells. It promotes perseverance to achieve the goals that we have set.


The Breccia Jasper repels the negative energies circulating around you. Grounding stone that diffuses determination and will. Fights the negative intentions and jealousy of others and allows you to stay focused on achieving your goals.

This stone brings stability and strength to fight.


Black tourmaline absorbs electric waves, neutralizes negative energies and cleanses the aura. It has the property of being one of the most powerful stones in absorbing negative energies from places and people to dissolve them. Stone of protection par excellence.


Choosing this shield kit means protecting yourself from the bad energies that circulate around you.

Well thought out and well thought out kit to learn about lithotherapy with ease and appreciate the effects of crystals on our well-being.


Kit consisting of a pocket, an explanatory card and three minerals.

Crystal size and color may.

Crystals between 3 and 4 cm free form, to always have them close to you.



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