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Dragon Glass - Frankincense and Black Obsidian Blend

Dragon Glass - Frankincense and Black Obsidian Blend


Clearance - Cleaning - Liberation 

Discover this particular and innovative incense, a real mixture of dragon's blood with protective properties, camphor with purifying properties and olibanum with amplifying capacity.

The black obsidian added in this mixture acts as a shield repelling the occult forces thus allowing to keep an anchoring link even in the most destabilizing situations.

For this clearing incense, we have chosen different resins known throughout the world for their effectiveness in chasing away unwanted spirits and getting rid of negative influences. The combination of camphor, dragon's blood and olibanum can be used to cleanse, clear a place or a person, break a spell or a spell and will effectively neutralize the evil spell in action. Associated with its black obsidian, this mixture will also be a powerful ally to use during protection rituals: it can act as a shield against occult attacks.


Here is its composition: 


Dragon's Blood:  purifies and protects, clearing incense par excellence widely used to hunt and transmute malevolent energies.

It amplifies the virtues of other resins, promotes inner and outer peace. 

Dragon's blood incense has health benefits, including accelerating healing.

Its element is fire, it carries Yang energy. 


Camphor : purifies and sanitizes places, it soothes and provides a feeling of serenity. It is very effective in hunting and destroying  negative entities, increasing our clair-voyance and our receptivity. 

Physical and astral purification.

Its element is le feu , it carries Yin energy.



Frankincense : is a religious purifying incense used for protection. It reinforces the magical action of other incenses and purifies ambient energies. Frankincense strengthens the bond between Man and the divine. 

Its elements are air and fire and it carries Yang energy._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

It is connected to the sun, used in Egypt to pray Rha. 


Black Obsidian: used in this mixture as a shield repelling occult forces. It allows us to maintain an anchoring link while promoting our receptivity. 


It is an incense that carries air and fire and the two Yin-Yang polarities. 


Our idea:  combine natural resins and minerals to make more powerful incense. 

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