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Pontifcristal - Mixture of incense and rock crystal

Pontifcristal - Mixture of incense and rock crystal


Purification - Protection - Rituals 

Discover this particular and innovative incense, a real blend of red myrrh, storax, olibanum and rock crystal. Back to basics with this fabulous revisited pontifical house.

Pontifical is an ancestral mixture of resins with very powerful purifying qualities. Its use dates back to around -3000 BC. Over time, it has often been used to "stripping" old memories of a place, amplifying magical actions, strengthening prayers, protecting places and people from negative energies, promoting clairvoyance and clearing a space. care or a home. Pontifical incense has been used since the dawn of time. It was chosen by churches to accompany prayers and ceremonies. We have taken up the ancestral recipe of the Pontifical and we have selected each ingredient for their qualities and their virtues.

La Fabrique de Kairos has chosen to add rock crystal to the original recipe to amplify and increase the purifying virtues of this ancestral incense.


Here is its composition: 


the storax  used to banish evil forces, protect places and people.  

It reveals all that is subterranean, obscure and hidden and transmutes all that is buried deep.

It carries Yang energy.
Its elements are water and earth. 


Myrrhused as a relaxing incense  promotes openness to the spirit world.

It improves receptivity and is used as an offering to the deities, allowing more precise contact with them. 

She carries Yin energy.

Its elements are water and air. 


Frankincenseis purifying incense with a religious character used in protection.

It reinforces the magical action of other incense and transmutes ambient energies quickly and effectively. It is the binder of this mixture, adding power and character. It is connected to the sun, used in Egypt to pray Rha. 

It carries Yang energy.

Its elements are air and fire. 


rock crystalpowder  is used in this mix as an amplifier. This healing stone  promotes the emission of intention and the reception. Its presence makes this mixture more powerful and considerably increases its vibratory rate. 


Our pontifcristal has been designed to carry  the four elements and the two Yin-Yang polarities. 

We have chosen an exceptional storax, a rare red myrrh and a particularly fragrant and sunny Frankincense. The rock crystal comes from ethical mines and its selection is done with care. 


Our idea:  combine natural resins and minerals to make more powerful incense. 

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