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Discover the ready-to-use kits from the Kairos factory.

A pouch containing three associated minerals to provide you with all the benefits related to the theme addressed.

Find three stones of exceptional qualities to spread your well-being and introduce you to lithotherapy.


The combination of smoky quartz, pyrite and carnelian diffuses a powerful radiance. Recover your energy, develop your strength and take care of your desires with this littotherapy initiation kit.

Three associated stones to allow you to regain good humor and vitality.

Carry them on you, in your pocket or your purse and benefit from their powerful radiance.



Carnelian (orange) restores vitality and energy.

Its influence is beneficial on the nervous system and transmits the love of life.

It develops creativity, drives out shyness, soothes anger and brings serenity and determination. It drives the realization of our projects while inspiring happiness and joie de vivre.

smoky quartz (transparent) helps calm strong emotions, fights harmful thoughts and improves lucidity. Facilitates decision-making and allows you to refocus your energies on achievable goals. It develops your ambition and your move to action.

Pyrite (dorée) stimulates intellectual abilities. It increases your dynamism and your resistance to fatigue and eliminates physical aches.


Choosing this Energy kit means treating yourself to the best of lithotherapy to regain strength and dynamism. 


The size of the stones can vary from 3 to 4 cm, and their shape is free.




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