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Association of three stones: green aventurine, hematite, amethyst.

Initiation kit to lithotherapy to find a calm and restorative sleep. This pack has been designed to stabilize emotions and calm before falling asleep, it protects against restless sleep and wards off nightmares. This synergy of stones can help you fight against sleep disorders and accompany you every night in a calm and restorative sleep.

This kit can be used in different ways: under your pillow, on your bedside table...


Green aventurine helps combat difficulties with falling asleep, promotes calm and physical and mental relaxation.
Amethyst promotes restful sleep, helps to remember dreams by slipping it under the pillow and diffuses calm and serenity when falling asleep. This stone relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. Hematite is a stone that gives a feeling of security, it promotes falling asleep and gives you deep sleep. This way you avoid thinking in your bed until dawn. It stops the effects of the mental cycle and soothes the nervous system in order to slide into peaceful sleep.
Place this mineral kit on your bedside table and enjoy the radiance of their soothing and restorative energies while you sleep.


Mineral size and color may vary.

each stone is unique and chosen with care.

This kit includes: a storage pouch, an explanatory card and three minerals.



Find out more about minerals here.

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