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L'Amazonien - Blend of incense and fuchsite

L'Amazonien - Blend of incense and fuchsite


Mother Earth - Peace - Self Love   

Discover this particular and beneficial incense composed of palo santo, cocoa beans, de red myrrh and powdered fuchsite.

Use this blend with enveloping and gourmet scents to purify, cleanse and improve your receptivity. 

A real blend of energy-purifying palo santo,  cocoa beans stimulating the heart chakra, red myrrh with relaxing virtues promoting openness to the world of spirits, all associated with_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_powdered fuchsite developing self-love and inner peace. 

The palo santo:   purifies and cleans energies, restores tranquility and calm, helps concentration and return to oneself. 90-cde 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ creativity and amplifies spiritual connections. 

The cocoa bean: often used as an offering to the deities, it stimulates the opening of the heart chakra, diffuses a gentle and beneficial energy, son énergie est Yin.

Myrrh:   a relaxing incense promoting  openness to the spirit world and improving receptivity. Elle est utilisée comme offrande aux divinités, porte une énergie Yin et une vibration air/eau.

Fuschite: this stone brings calm and inner peace. In direct connection with the heart chakra, it develops self-love and considerably reduces stress. 


Take advantage of this atypical mixture combining the virtues of incense and those of minerals. 

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