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Care of natural origin, energetic and effective.

This Marseille soap is made from aloe vera and contains green aventurine.
Real Marseille soap with aloe vera is formulated with ingredients of natural origin and enriched with the energy of green aventurine.

Aloe vera is a plant known for its moisturizing, repairing and regenerating properties.

It is particularly recommended for skin and hair.
Its richness in vitamins and mineral salts makes it a highly effective natural cosmetic active ingredient.

Recommended for dehydrated, weakened and damaged skin, aloe vera is a real magic potion for the skin.
Is your face dehydrated, tired, attacked by wind, sun, cold or pollution? Do you suffer from sunburn or redness due to the sensitivity of your skin? If you are a man, your skin is weakened or irritated by shaving?


Aloe vera intensely soothes, repairs and regenerates the epidermis. 

Effective solid after-sun soap, this soap has all the qualities required to take care of your exposed, damaged and weakened skin. 

Reinforced by the virtues of the green aventurine it contains, this Marseille soap is full of beneficial virtues for your skin.
Indeed, in addition to being directly linked to our heart chakra, this semi-precious stone relieves skin aggressions such as psoriasis, eczema or sunburn.

It is beneficial for the scalp and promotes detoxification of the body.

Mentally, Green Aventurine decreases stress, anxiety, and mental cycling.

In direct connection with our heart chakra, it increases our self-esteem by reducing fears and lowering our emotional barriers.

It is a calming and soothing stone.
By choosing this energetic soap, you benefit from the virtues of aloe vera  and those of green aventurine , to offer you exceptional care.

Give yourself a beneficial and fragrant synergy to overcome all your ills.

Integrate this energetic soap into your daily hygiene and dare to shine without burning yourself.

French and artisanal manufacture.



Step 1: Gently rub the soap on your body until it lathers. 

2nd step: Make circular movements from bottom to top. 

Step 3 : Rinse.

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